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Welcome to Erri's blogg!
Sunday, March 13, 2011Y
Hello Hello!

Its a welcome back for Erri-chan, ne? teehee.
Gomennn! Erri has been very busy with school and other things. Her laptop was also away at the shop and I just got it back! Heehee. Erri is excited for her new revamped laptop! It even has HDMI port now *o* dazzle~
Just giving a quick update because Erri redid her blog! What do you think? Pretty, ne? Better than having to stare at my face >~<; ; Erri will come by this blog more often now, I hopes ;___; You hope too, desho? I hope so! Erri hopes that people look forward to her blog! There's not much to it but Erri tries her best! Look forward to posts about Cure Sunshine and Pokemon next time! Teehee!

p.s. In all seriousness, Erri hopes that everyone in Japan can recover well, its a tad too late to wish that they will be well ;___; I have family in Japan but they should be alright, a lot of them do not leave near the coast. Its very hard to contact them though so it worries me >___<>__< )
Erri hopes everyone's family is safe and okay! Please pray for the many people in Japan who are without water and food. Hopefully they will be able to find shelter and recover soon!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010Y

Ahhhh! Erri is such a clutz! She has not been on the computer for a while, you see ):
Erri has been busy with a new school~~ Its been so exciting and fun :3
Erri's college desk! ♥♥♥
With take out and everything~ (its even chinese food~ ohoho!)
Erri was really sad to not be able to take all of her cute figurines. She had to settle with her 2 nendos~ Asunyan and Luka :3
(speaking of nendos, Erri really wants to get the mugi one next >w< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_0yqr2xelJ2M/TIgk_xuKfyI/AAAAAAAAACg/zt-fTuVcnU4/s1600/DSC00547.JPG">You can kinda see Erri's bedding~ Isn't it cute? Its Roxy and it was on sale at tjmaxx! or maybe marshalls? or was it ross? *ponder*
This is Erri's nerdy look! @u@ ohoho~ braids, glasses, and all (:
Ah! this t-shirt is very important! It is from Gilbert! Its his car team group thing! Please support them and wear a matching t-shirt with Erri chan! -http://itsjdmyo.wordpress.com/- is the website~ There are many sexy oneechans on that site as well *A*

Mmmm, other than that, there hasn't been much else that is new >o< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_0yqr2xelJ2M/TIgmibmnrCI/AAAAAAAAACo/i0EEAqlpVV0/s1600/IMG_8387.jpg">"Ohohohho!"
Erri recently had a shoot with Gilbert in her new dress~ I wonder if goshujin sama recognizes the red accessories that Erri is wearing? *cross fingers* YES~ From Pretty Cure 5! : DD I love pretty cure 5 ; 3; ♥
The accessories are from Cure Rouge~ She is my second favorite in the series ; 3; Erri's number one favorite from Pretty Cure 5 is Cure Dream (:
Although, Erri's ultimate pretty cure favorite is Cure Sunshine!!!! ♥ From Heartcatch Pretty Cure~ One of Erri's favorite animes! *A*

I wonder if goshujin sama will be at pmx? Erri is thinking about cosplaying something really special to pmx~ :3 ohoho~ I hope everyone's excited : D

Arigatou for reading! and gomen again! DDD:
Erri will try her best to keep updating when something happens haha~
Also, gomen that this blog update was not very long or interesting >o<>___<
uuuu~ Erri will try her best to do better!


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010Y

Erri is sorry to all the goshujin sama and ojou sama. Erri hasn't been doing a good job updating her facebook and blog >o< Lets see, recently Erri had a shoot with a bunch of maid friends and a few hosts~ Photographers were Gilbert and John, as always (:

Mikan and Erri playing around in the middle of the shoot. Teehee(: We went for really nommy burgers afterward! The place is called The Counter. Maybe you have heard of it? You get to make your own burger with whatever you want on it!! o: You get to choose 4 toppings! I chose Pineapple, Lettuce, Tomato, and Jalapenos! (:
nomnomnom : DDD
It was so nommy! I recently went to The Counter with my outside of cafe friends near my house and I ordered the same thing. So super nommy >w<

Erri went to Socal gathering! But before that, Erri had a photoshoot with Gilbert, Mokona, and Sami at Cal Stat Fullerton. Erri crossplayed as Suzaku from Code Geass!

Doesn't Erri make such a handsome looking man? Hahah! Just kidding! In actuality, Erri sometimes thinks she looks better as a male -o-;

Afterward, we went to socal cosplay gathering!
I was going to wear suzaku there but it was too hot to do that > < Erri went to Mokona's house and borrowed Mokona's Jam Cloudberry cosplay from Guilty Gear! (: It was so nice and comfy! Mokona makes great cosplays! : D
Mmm, anways, Socal gathering was fun! Erri got to meet lots of new people and got to get some really nice photoshoots in~ (not with Mr. Gilbert this time though > <)

If you saw me, let me know and tell me what you were cosplaying! Maybe I saw you, too? ;w;

Mmmm, oh yes!
Animaid Cafe will no longer be attending Anime Expo.
Many people ask us the reason and it is because there were few problems and we could not work with AX staff anymore to help us run a good show for our guests. We want the best for our Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama!
Mmm, anyways, Erri is out now! I will try harder to update more often T T
bye-bee <3

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Saturday, April 17, 2010Y

Erri here!
I was reading Mikan nee-san and Vampire nee-san (Mio~) 's blogs and I was inspired to create my own! Then all the goshujin samas and ojou samas can see which events Erri will be going to and get to know Erri better! : D
Mmm, let's see. Erri is really new to the Animaid cafe! I joined on March 13th!~ So my one month anniversary of joining animaid cafe has just passed! >w< Cherry Blossom Festival! (April 10-11) Thank you to all the goshujin-samas and ojou-samas that came out to visit us~ ♥
Erri felt the love from all the goshujin sama and ojousamas so I was very happy and had warm fuzzies at my debut (:
Actually April 10 was Erri's birthday! >w< So erri stayed home and played with her family~ but Erri went to the lolita fashion show on Sunday! There, erri was pleasantly surprised with many presents from other maids and hosts!
Also, Erri got a brownie/cake from Rose nee-san!

Erri, Squall, and Cookie blowing out the candles~ (: Mikan neesan and Mio nee san made the cute 'E', penguin heart, pandacorn, and kitty!! I love them so much, they are the best!
The sephiroth is from Squall-Kun! Its so cute! I should have taken a closeup picture of it ; 3; it looks kinda like its a small world ride from disneyland! teehee~ I wish they would make a kingdom hearts section ;D

My nii-san who introduced me to Animaid cafe, Kaname bought me a new maid dress!!!! ♥ ♥
My previous one, you may have seen on facebook, was stolen): Erri's car was broken into a day before her birthday and the robbers stole my maid dress!! o<>w< Aino nee-san got me this SUPER KAWAII pretty cure commune!! xD Currently, Mipple is sleeping in there! Shhh~ ;3 I hope i cosplay Cure White someday~

I only recently joined animaid cafe and they all treated me like I'd been there forever ;o; ♥ I'm so thankful for such great nee-sans and nii-sans like them(:
There are many other maids and hosts that need thanks but i wanted to give a special shoutout to these people ; 3; ♥

Mmm, well, anyways~~ Maybe you saw Erri in the fashion show?
Next time, please say 'hello' to me!~ I would love to meet all of my goshujin and ojou samas! : D
I had so much fun at the show although i was very nervous and you may have seen me nearly tripping at the end and being confused T///T;
mm, after the show, Erri had a few photoshoots with Sam and Gilbert! they were super fun~ Got to goof around a little with Mikan, Mio, Stae, and Koto nee-sans~
If you want to see some of the pictures, they are up on my profile on the maid cafe website!~
yay yay!

mmm, i think that is it for today~
THank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed~ /bow

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