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Welcome to Erri's blogg!
Saturday, April 17, 2010Y

Erri here!
I was reading Mikan nee-san and Vampire nee-san (Mio~) 's blogs and I was inspired to create my own! Then all the goshujin samas and ojou samas can see which events Erri will be going to and get to know Erri better! : D
Mmm, let's see. Erri is really new to the Animaid cafe! I joined on March 13th!~ So my one month anniversary of joining animaid cafe has just passed! >w< Cherry Blossom Festival! (April 10-11) Thank you to all the goshujin-samas and ojou-samas that came out to visit us~ ♥
Erri felt the love from all the goshujin sama and ojousamas so I was very happy and had warm fuzzies at my debut (:
Actually April 10 was Erri's birthday! >w< So erri stayed home and played with her family~ but Erri went to the lolita fashion show on Sunday! There, erri was pleasantly surprised with many presents from other maids and hosts!
Also, Erri got a brownie/cake from Rose nee-san!

Erri, Squall, and Cookie blowing out the candles~ (: Mikan neesan and Mio nee san made the cute 'E', penguin heart, pandacorn, and kitty!! I love them so much, they are the best!
The sephiroth is from Squall-Kun! Its so cute! I should have taken a closeup picture of it ; 3; it looks kinda like its a small world ride from disneyland! teehee~ I wish they would make a kingdom hearts section ;D

My nii-san who introduced me to Animaid cafe, Kaname bought me a new maid dress!!!! ♥ ♥
My previous one, you may have seen on facebook, was stolen): Erri's car was broken into a day before her birthday and the robbers stole my maid dress!! o<>w< Aino nee-san got me this SUPER KAWAII pretty cure commune!! xD Currently, Mipple is sleeping in there! Shhh~ ;3 I hope i cosplay Cure White someday~

I only recently joined animaid cafe and they all treated me like I'd been there forever ;o; ♥ I'm so thankful for such great nee-sans and nii-sans like them(:
There are many other maids and hosts that need thanks but i wanted to give a special shoutout to these people ; 3; ♥

Mmm, well, anyways~~ Maybe you saw Erri in the fashion show?
Next time, please say 'hello' to me!~ I would love to meet all of my goshujin and ojou samas! : D
I had so much fun at the show although i was very nervous and you may have seen me nearly tripping at the end and being confused T///T;
mm, after the show, Erri had a few photoshoots with Sam and Gilbert! they were super fun~ Got to goof around a little with Mikan, Mio, Stae, and Koto nee-sans~
If you want to see some of the pictures, they are up on my profile on the maid cafe website!~
yay yay!

mmm, i think that is it for today~
THank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed~ /bow

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