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Welcome to Erri's blogg!
Wednesday, May 19, 2010Y

Erri is sorry to all the goshujin sama and ojou sama. Erri hasn't been doing a good job updating her facebook and blog >o< Lets see, recently Erri had a shoot with a bunch of maid friends and a few hosts~ Photographers were Gilbert and John, as always (:

Mikan and Erri playing around in the middle of the shoot. Teehee(: We went for really nommy burgers afterward! The place is called The Counter. Maybe you have heard of it? You get to make your own burger with whatever you want on it!! o: You get to choose 4 toppings! I chose Pineapple, Lettuce, Tomato, and Jalapenos! (:
nomnomnom : DDD
It was so nommy! I recently went to The Counter with my outside of cafe friends near my house and I ordered the same thing. So super nommy >w<

Erri went to Socal gathering! But before that, Erri had a photoshoot with Gilbert, Mokona, and Sami at Cal Stat Fullerton. Erri crossplayed as Suzaku from Code Geass!

Doesn't Erri make such a handsome looking man? Hahah! Just kidding! In actuality, Erri sometimes thinks she looks better as a male -o-;

Afterward, we went to socal cosplay gathering!
I was going to wear suzaku there but it was too hot to do that > < Erri went to Mokona's house and borrowed Mokona's Jam Cloudberry cosplay from Guilty Gear! (: It was so nice and comfy! Mokona makes great cosplays! : D
Mmm, anways, Socal gathering was fun! Erri got to meet lots of new people and got to get some really nice photoshoots in~ (not with Mr. Gilbert this time though > <)

If you saw me, let me know and tell me what you were cosplaying! Maybe I saw you, too? ;w;

Mmmm, oh yes!
Animaid Cafe will no longer be attending Anime Expo.
Many people ask us the reason and it is because there were few problems and we could not work with AX staff anymore to help us run a good show for our guests. We want the best for our Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama!
Mmm, anyways, Erri is out now! I will try harder to update more often T T
bye-bee <3

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